The History Of Our 15 Market Square Building

Every now and then your family may find time to sit down and look at old photos. At Wheelers, we finally decided it was time to look through all of our keepsakes and remind ourselves of the history this building and business holds. Once family owned, now an employee-owned business, there is so much life and history in our buildings and within our agency.

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Back & Rebranded!

Things change. So have we. We have now rebranded our entire business to stay fresh and to relate to our clients more even more than we did before. Because we have grown in our community since 1864, we know that we have to keep up with the times, while keeping up with you all as well. Thank you so all the clients who have been with us over the years. We have some loyal friends who have been insured with our company for over fifty years! Pretty fantastically crazy, isn’t it?

From our Wheelers family, to yours: let’s keep this community growing strong.

Introducing A Maine Insurance Agent Legend: Cathy Morgan

The woman, the agent, the legend. Today we are dedicating this blog post to a special woman in the insurance world, who has quite the positive reputation here in Maine. Cathy Morgan has been working in insurance for over 35 years. 

Her journey first started in 1984 at David A. Klain Agency in Norway, where she was a receptionist. She then advanced to become a personal and commercial lines agent. Her next step was working at Maine Insurance Agency in Gray from 1994-2020 where she was promoted to office manager while still pursuing personal and commercial lines. Luckily for us, she is now here at Wheelers Insurance Agency in South Paris so she can have a shorter commute to work. 

There is no question as to why Cathy has been such a successful agent, considering it has been thirty-five years and she is still the first person in the office early in the morning, and the last of us to leave at night. Her hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Her clients are so loyal to her that they come from all over to specifically have Cathy as their insurance agent. Cathy spreads her knowledge to all of those around her so not only can she be the best she can be, but so her teammates can succeed as well. 

A piece of advice Cathy would like to share with all young agents that stuck with her through her career is to treat everyone like they are your own mother or family. Take good care of your clients. She also says that you truly need to be a sponge–take in all the information that you can! Don’t be intimidated to learn all aspects of Insurance whether it’s personal, commercial, life, health, claims, etc. And lastly, something Cathy heard years ago that has always grown with her is, “You do not have to know everything. You just need to know where to find the answers.”