Year 2: Wheelers Insurance from the Non-Insurance Professional Point of View

A year ago, I wrote my first blog post as Wheelers’ Marketing Manager. Here I am again to give you a whole year’s insight of Wheelers Agency from the non-insurance professional’s point of view AKA… Leanna Bowie.

When I was first being interviewed for my position by then strangers, now my coworkers, they asked me, “How can an artistic person like you become passionate about insurance, a seemingly ‘boring’ and intangible product?” I responded that it’s not quite about the insurance itself to have a passion for, but more so the community around us. I wanted to be a part of something that helped others, and that’s what Wheelers Insurance does every day. Whether it’s helping clients find ways to protect and insure themselves/assets, donating to the community, or volunteering physically when needed, Wheelers Insurance itself is a family that will never stop giving back.

I could sit here all day to say how we have grown business wise, but that’s not what I want you to leave with here today. I want you to know my coworkers love helping you. They are not just insurance agents; they are humans – just like you. Here is a recap of what I saw from my coworkers in 2021:

I watched Michele Lowell become a Grammy for the third time (Special thanks to Cait, those are OUR grand babies now too!), and I watched as she used her own money to put warm clothes on another person’s back who needed it. She helps others whenever she can, she is the work mama everyone needs in their lives.

I watched as Crystal passionately spent hours and hours baking cookies and collecting snacks for her nonprofit that she created own her own [Bites4Blue] to help local police officers feel appreciated, loved, and taken care of.

I watched both Becky & Hannah get their property & casualty licenses after months of anxious studying, thus making them the confident and helpful agents we are so lucky to have.

I watched as we hired Jane & Jackie, two refreshing and lovely additions to our team. The warmth of their kindness spreads through us all every day.

I watched as Diane was finally able to take a few weeks off from work to live her very best life. A road trip across the country with her husband and son, Max. I hope her future is filled with many more well-deserved road trips – we can handle everything in the office from here, Diane!

I watched Michelle Walker become one of the most compassionate and loyal co-workers someone could have. She is the human definition of trust. She is now our CEO!

I watched Scott school all of us in golf with his son-in-law. The most important things to him in life are his family and sports… So, I guess we never really had a chance to begin with.

I watched as Mike and his family joyfully welcomed their sweet fur baby, Remy, a black lab. Dogs really soften you up, huh, Mike? Mike also has helped guide all of us into an employee-owned business and taught us how to work together, while also individually being leaders.

I watched Cathy, the Insurance Legend, take Becky under her wing to manifest another little Insurance Legend. She is an amazing mentor. She is also really loud. We had to design/build her her own little office out back last summer. We love you as much as you love your Diet Cokes, Cathy.

As for myself, I watched myself grow. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am overly empathetic and sensitive. My coworkers took me under their wings and have filled me with the confidence and abilities to believe in myself. They watched me buy my first home and they came to my wedding. I appreciate my work family more than words can describe.

At the end of the day, when you go looking for insurance, look for the company that invests back into the community. We all grew up here, and are ready to take care of you and your families. Support local. It makes all the difference for you and for us. We appreciate you all.

Here’s to 2022!! Let’s have a wonderful year with our wonderful community.

Back & Rebranded!

Things change. So have we. We have now rebranded our entire business to stay fresh and to relate to our clients more even more than we did before. Because we have grown in our community since 1864, we know that we have to keep up with the times, while keeping up with you all as well. Thank you so all the clients who have been with us over the years. We have some loyal friends who have been insured with our company for over fifty years! Pretty fantastically crazy, isn’t it?

From our Wheelers family, to yours: let’s keep this community growing strong.

Introducing A Maine Insurance Agent Legend: Cathy Morgan

The woman, the agent, the legend. Today we are dedicating this blog post to a special woman in the insurance world, who has quite the positive reputation here in Maine. Cathy Morgan has been working in insurance for over 35 years. 

Her journey first started in 1984 at David A. Klain Agency in Norway, where she was a receptionist. She then advanced to become a personal and commercial lines agent. Her next step was working at Maine Insurance Agency in Gray from 1994-2020 where she was promoted to office manager while still pursuing personal and commercial lines. Luckily for us, she is now here at Wheelers Insurance Agency in South Paris so she can have a shorter commute to work. 

There is no question as to why Cathy has been such a successful agent, considering it has been thirty-five years and she is still the first person in the office early in the morning, and the last of us to leave at night. Her hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Her clients are so loyal to her that they come from all over to specifically have Cathy as their insurance agent. Cathy spreads her knowledge to all of those around her so not only can she be the best she can be, but so her teammates can succeed as well. 

A piece of advice Cathy would like to share with all young agents that stuck with her through her career is to treat everyone like they are your own mother or family. Take good care of your clients. She also says that you truly need to be a sponge–take in all the information that you can! Don’t be intimidated to learn all aspects of Insurance whether it’s personal, commercial, life, health, claims, etc. And lastly, something Cathy heard years ago that has always grown with her is, “You do not have to know everything. You just need to know where to find the answers.”

Wheelers Insurance Agency from the Non-Insurance Professional Point of View

In 2020 we grieved losses, we have missed out on little sensations such as a handshake or a hug, we have faced continuous anxieties and fears about the uncontrollable chaotic world spiraling around us, and we have now learned to be grateful for the everyday “normal” living… after the fact that our lives had already changed. And now, 2021 has started a new chapter for all of us.

Hello everyone, my name is Leanna. I was hired for marketing this company and my first day was on January 4th, 2021. As my first month at Wheelers Insurance Agency has come and gone, I have not only learned about what the insurance world itself entails but why an independent agency, like ours, is so much more genuine than the average insurance you find at random online.

My coworkers – who are also your insurance agents – that surround me are not just really good insurance professionals, but they’re also really good people. They are normal just like you and me. They have families and kids of their own, they have farms, they do fun things in the outdoors (I cannot relate–but hey, maybe they will rub off on me in that way too.) They aren’t here to try to burn a hole in your pocket; they sincerely care about protecting you, your family, your businesses, and so much more. They are here to help you. I have learned so much from them even by the way they talk to their clients. Most of their clients turn into friends. As someone who knew little about insurance coming into this, I can say it is extremely admirable the steps Wheelers Insurance Agency staff takes to take care of their clients and this community as a whole(by donations, sponsoring charities, volunteering, etc.). It makes me proud to be a Wheelers Insurance Agency employee.

In 2021, let’s lift each other up as a community. We are here for you. Whether you are a client of ours or not, we have had bones in our hometown since 1864 and we are not going anywhere!

Reach out to us, say hello to us, introduce yourself to us. We are not just an independent insurance company… We are your community, your neighbors, and your friends.