As a contractor, a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders. You need to make sure the job is done on time, under budget, and up to code. All the while, you must make sure the workers that you’re responsible for are safe.

But at Wheelers Insurance Agency, we know that accidents happen on even the safest of work sites. You may take safety very seriously, but what if one of your workers is injured while handling power tools? Are you protected if someone is hurt while operating heavy machinery? Who is responsible if a water pipe bursts, flooding the work site?

Whether you are a carpenter, a plumber, or an electrician, Wheelers Insurance Agency is here to help you find the contractors policy that best fits your specific needs. Should the unexpected occur, we’ll make sure you’re protected with an insurance plan that can get the project back on track, with an emphasis on employee safety.

If you’re a general contractor, a painter, a landscaper, or a handyman, we’ll work with you to create a customized insurance plan tailored to the needs of your small business. We want to ensure that all your resources–including the people and the equipment that make it all happen–are protected so that you can complete your work on time.

From proposal to completion, you stay on top of all aspects of your contract jobs. Keep your projects on schedule and under budget with a tailored insurance plan from Wheelers Insurance Agency. Fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page or call us today to get a free, personalized quote. Keep in mind that we also have offices in both South Paris and Bethel. Feel free to stop in and talk to us face to face about the ways we can help you succeed.