Auto Insurance

Auto insurance possibilities are endless. At Wheelers Insurance Agency, we know that not all vehicles are created equal–and neither are insurance policies. They give us the ability to travel to work and to school, as well as to visit friends and loved ones. Whether your preferred mode of transportation is a motorcycle, a sailboat, or an SUV, we’re here to help you find a policy that protects your ability to stay mobile. Coverage matters, and we’ll help you evaluate your needs and assets to find the coverage that best fits your life.


Auto insurance is not cut-and-dry. Consider these options:

• Liability

• Bodily Injury

• Property Damage

• Medical or Personal Injury Protection

• Collision

• Comprehensive

• Uninsured Motorist (Call us for Motorcycle Insurance today!)

How much do you travel? How far is your daily commute? What supplemental coverage would help you sleep better at night? A Wheelers Insurance agent is waiting to sit down with you to determine your best options.