Our Wheelers’ Family & Christmas Parade

The holiday season is officially here… Each year our community has one of the biggest parades in the state of Maine: The OHCC Christmas Parade. Starting in Norway and ending in South Paris, this year Wheelers decided we wanted to start an event for other families to share Wheelers Insurance: 15 Market Square building with […]

Medicare: Bad News for 2022

Some bad news for 2022 Part Premiums increasing to $170.10 (not the $158 I had heard rumored). Premiums are higher for individuals with a 2020 AGI over $91k (Joint over $182k) Part B deductible (for those on a Medicare Supplement Plan G & N) increasing to $230

Medicare Talk With Mike

By now, you’ve surely seen Joe Namath, William Shatner and Jimmie Walker on TV lately pushing Medicare Advantage plans? These guys got famous young for doing stuff that has nothing to do with healthcare, so you may want to think twice before believing anything they have to say about Medicare Advantage plans.