Mission Working Dogs: An Organization Bettering Lives In Our Community

Not all heroes wear capes, in fact, some wear leashes. This is extremely apparent to Christy Gardner, US Army Veteran, who acquired a service dog in 2010 in regard to surviving a war related injury in 2006. Moxie was her first fur baby, companion, and a service dog who took amazing care of her. After seeing the care that Moxie gave her, Christy decided to give back and deliver this to others alike–who may not be able to get a service dog on their own. Wheelers Insurance was so happy to sit down with Christy to hear all about this amazing organization and of the heart and soul she has continued to put into it to make it flourish.

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The History Of Our 15 Market Square Building

Every now and then your family may find time to sit down and look at old photos. At Wheelers, we finally decided it was time to look through all of our keepsakes and remind ourselves of the history this building and business holds. Once family owned, now an employee-owned business, there is so much life and history in our buildings and within our agency.

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