For Hailey Strong & Bold; Wheelers Going Gold

For a lot of people, September is the staple of fall. It’s the beginning of pumpkins, Starbucks lattes, and Halloween decorations. It’s apple picking with your family on an old Maine farm with the smell of fresh apple cider donuts being fried in the distance. September is playing in corn mazes and jumping off hay bales.

For others, September is awareness. Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness month is in September.

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Wedding Season is Here – Let’s Get Some Event Insurance!

Wedding season has arrived. Weddings are supposed to be a magical day filled with love, family, and happy moments. There’s so much good in a wedding, it’s hard to believe anything bad could go wrong. Until it does. Most people don’t know that event insurance can be there to safeguard you in case of emergencies. Whether it’s just for liability or full coverage – call Wheelers today to have your events insured. Even just having the peace of mind of being insured makes a huge difference.

Back & Rebranded!

Things change. So have we. We have now rebranded our entire business to stay fresh and to relate to our clients more even more than we did before. Because we have grown in our community since 1864, we know that we have to keep up with the times, while keeping up with you all as well. Thank you so all the clients who have been with us over the years. We have some loyal friends who have been insured with our company for over fifty years! Pretty fantastically crazy, isn’t it?

From our Wheelers family, to yours: let’s keep this community growing strong.

Why Did They Make Medicare & Retirement So Darn Complicated?

We know the basics, of course

  • Retirement benefits are reduced if you claim them before your full retirement age (between age 66 and 67 depending on the year you were born.) 
  • Social Security benefits might be reduced even more prior to the full retirement age if you continue to work.
  • Medicare benefits, on the other hand, begin the month you turn 65, but can be delayed voluntarily if a more valuable health insurance plan is available via your job or your spouse’s job.
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