Medicare Costs

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A covers Inpatient Hospital stays. You must cover a $1,600 deductible for EACH inpatient benefit period (you can have more than one per year)

Part A costs $0 for most people.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers Medical provider services

You must cover a $226 annual deductible

Once the deductible is met, you usually will pay 20% for the costs.

It costs $164.90 per month in 2023 for most people.

If your yearly income in 2021 (for what you pay in 2023) was, you pay this amount for Part B:

Medicare Costs Part A

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D covers medication you receive from a pharmacy (not medication you get at the provider or hospital)

Many plans have a deductible to meet before copays or coinsurance begin.

If your filing status and yearly income in 2021 were, you pay this amount for Part B:

Medicare Costs Part B

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 6 organizations that offer 46 products in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.