Team Building For a Growing Independent Insurance Agency in Maine

On Tuesday, our team had an amazing retreat day at “The Lodge At Pleasant Point” located in Lovell, Maine. The day was filled with laughter, great food, and conversations that were both serious while also ambitious.

Our agency is apart of the North American Insurance Alliance. We were so happy to have the CEO, Craig Sargent, come speak to us about the future of the industry and also encourage the business moves Wheelers is currently making. It is always great working with partners who encourage us to be the best we can be.

It’s been a wild ride for us at Wheelers Insurance. Our company has more employees than we have ever had. We have had to make more office space, order more computers, and bring in construction workers to help the company grow the way it has with our expanding team. Each individual employee here gives Wheelers a touch of new personality, different perspective, and more originality to our brand.

We are so thankful we get the chance to serve our clients and make the strong relationships that we do everyday. Thank you to all of our clients who help us grow in the insurance industry and in our community. Exciting things are about to happen–stay tuned.