Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Liability, Oh My!

Our Personal Insurance Agents of South Paris & Bethel, Maine are here to serve YOU. Whether it is home, auto, liability insurance, we will make sure you are covered. Why is home insurance and auto insurance so important to have?

If anything happens, it is crucial to make sure the most costly assets you own or are invested in are going to be covered so you are not in immense financial loss. Home insurance gives you that cushion to know that you can repair damages prepared to you from your insurance.

Auto insurance is important because it not only protects you and your vehicle, it protects those around you. If there was ever the chance that you were in a car accident, it’s possible that there could be other individuals involved that could be harmed. Auto insurance gives you coverage for the others involved to cover hospital expenses and damage to the vehicles.

Liability insurance protects you from being sued or having someone take out a claim against you. Liability insurance covers claims that someone else was hurt due to your property, business, vehicle, etc. These coverages do not cover the policyholder’s medical bills or vehicle, meaning you yourself.

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Becky Poland is located in our South Paris location. Hannah Savage and Diane Merrill are both located in our Bethel locations.

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