Our Wheelers’ Family & Christmas Parade

The holiday season is officially here… Each year our community has one of the biggest parades in the state of Maine: The OHCC Christmas Parade. Starting in Norway and ending in South Paris, this year Wheelers decided we wanted to start an event for other families to share Wheelers Insurance: 15 Market Square building with our families. And that we did!

Our own Wheelers Wonderland included goodies and little bears given to any kid who came to our event. We also had free coffee and cocoa given to all our visitors by our friendly Aroma Joes baristas! We couldn’t thank Aroma Joes enough for their kindness in sharing their yummy beverages with us and our visitors.

As this was our first year doing this event, we are so thankful for the other families who came to have some hot cocoa and pictures with the grinch (our own personal grinch, Diane!) with us. Lots of laughter was shared with the children as we waited for the parade to head our way.

We hope to keep making more memories and traditions as Wheelers grows on – and we especially can’t wait to keep doing this with our amazing clients and community.