Our Newest Additions: Jane & Jackie!

We are so thankful to have our newest additions to our team: Jane Saucier and Jack Bouvier. Jane is our new Commercial Lines Account Manager and Jackie is our new Receptionist in the Bethel location! Here is a bit about them:

Jane Saucier: We are so excited to introduce our new commercial lines agent… Jane Saucier! Jane has been in the insurance biz for over 18 years. What a professional! In her free time Jane is definitely a boat load of fun as she has been line dancing for 20 years and now teaches her skills to others. Time with her family is usually spent with laughter, as her brother lives in Tennessee and she loves to visit them. On top of traveling to Tennessee, she loves to camp in places such as Vermont and all around Maine. Her favorite animal is cats as she has had a few over the years. Lastly, Jane loves to go out to eat because, let’s face it, who really wants to whip up a meal after a long day of work? Not Jane! (or us..) Make sure to give Jane a warm welcome.

Jackie Bouvier: Introducing another amazing new asset to our growing team… Jackie Bouvier! Jackie’s family consisting of her husband, 14 year-old son, and her ridiculous cat named “White Cat,” moved to Maine from Boston about 10 years ago. And we are so happy she did! She is so energetic and ready to greet any of us with a smile. In her spare time Jackie loves to hike and kayak while also photographing those wonderful moments. On top of that, Jackie loves to sing. Feel free to say hi to Jackie! She will be the first one answering your call.