Your Health Insurance 1095A

In the prior tax year, you purchased a health policy. The policy has a full price based on each family members’ age and zip code. Then, an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) based on your report of estimated household income for that year, reduces the price, sometimes by 90% or more, ensuring that your plan is affordable (and costs less than 9.5% of your income). 

You should soon receive a 1095A form in the mail that describes the APTC you received last year.

If you have not received it by Feb 15th, sign into your (Maine) or (NH) to view and download it. You can then print it or email it to your tax preparer. 

If you are not able to sign in to your account, please contact at 866-636-0355 or (NH Only) via their website support chat.

If you have exhausted the support options, let us know and we’ll try to help as best we can. 

Your tax preparer will use the 1095A form to complete form 8962.  Instructions can be found here:

If your actual income and/or household size is different than estimated, a correction will be made, and you will either receive additional PTC or repay some of the APTC received. This payment or refund is added to your overall tax payment or refund. (One could offset the other.) Please note that failure to file a tax return and reconcile APTC will jeopardize eligibility for future APTC. 

Thanks for doing business with us. As always, if you know someone who is without insurance now, or losing it soon, please send them our way. We’ll enter your name in our monthly referral rewards drawing.