We Hear You – Inflation Sucks

We know inflation is hurting our clients–it’s hurting us as individuals, as well. As things rise, premiums may also rise. If the cost concerns you, please make sure you are reaching out to your trusted insurance agent here at Wheelers Insurance so we can get you quoted with other carriers. We may be able to find you a better price.

Another thing to note, along with rising premiums, your assets are also increasing in value. We need to make sure your items are being covered appropriately. Making sure your items are insured at value will help avoid co-insurance penalties.

We truly do it all. Whether you need business insurance or home/auto insurance, contact your agent located in South Paris or Bethel today so we can make sure you are taken care of. We are all in this together as prices rise, and we want to make sure you are getting coverage at a fair price so we can protect you AND your wallet!