Clean Your Roof Before Santa Comes!

The recent storm we had did not go easy on us. As hundreds of houses are still without power in Maine, it is important to be cautious of all the hard snow and ice that is currently compacted to your roof.

The forecast for this weekend shows a lot of rain followed by freezing temperatures. All the heavy snow that is currently on our roofs could cause collapses. Other atrocious outcomes are ice dams which could lead to leaking roofs. Not only is your roof at risk for collapsing or leaks, the heavy snow and icicles are unpredictable, making it a huge liability for passer goers. Make sure that no visitors, delivery drivers, or anything valuable is in the way of a roof filled with snow/ice. As soon as the storm is over, have an insured professional clean your roof to steer clear of any unwanted claims or disasters.

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