Workers’ Comp: Why You Need it

Most people might think workers’ compensation could have a bad rep due to the negative stereotypes of it being for fraudulent or bad employees. However, these cases are not as common as one may think, and the real purpose behind this coverage will help you and your company immensely. Our commercial insurance agents at Wheelers are here to help you navigate all worker’s compensation plans to protect you and your business.

Some common incidents that could happen where workers’ compensation will come in handy are falls, slips, or accidents that occur during dangerous environments. You need to have worker’s compensation coverage before any incidents occur to be covered.

When you file a claim after an incident, it will help the employee get the care they need and time to recover without worrying about lost wages. In some situations an employee may feel the need to sue an employer as a result of an at work injury. Workers compensation carriers have legal departments that will investigate and defend employers in court if the case goes that far.

After an incident occurs, it’s important to care for the employee that is injured. Be empathetic – accidents happen and how you treat your employee after one says a lot about you and your business. 

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