Do you need business insurance? Wheelers Insurance might be the business for you!

At Wheelers Insurance, in Paris, ME & Bethel, ME, we have multiple business insurance agents (also known as commercial insurance agents) that are ready to help you protect your business and yourself.

Your business is a financial investment in itself. Not only should you protect yourself, your employees, and your assets-you should be protecting all of the money you have put into building your business. That is why commercial insurance is so crucial for any business owner.

If you or one of your employees is on the clock and gets hurt, it is important to make sure you have the appropriate policies to cover that. If not, you are at a huge risk of potentially being sued. If you do not have commercial coverage, even for property & liability insurance, you are risking having to pay out-of-pocket for damage to properties or liability claims.

At Wheelers, you can contact our commercial insurance agents here for a quote or further questions about insurance for your business:

Cathy Morgan:

Michele Lowell:

Jane Saucier: