Independent Insurance Agents – We Shop So You Don’t Have To!

If you’re like most insurance customers, you like to save money.  If we could find a way to either enhance the existing coverages that you have at no additional cost, or reduce the cost of those existing coveragesIs that something you’re willing to consider? 

But beyond cost, does the advice of a trusted insurance professional hold any value for you?  How about prompt and reliable service?  What about doing business with a company that re-invests 1% of total revenues in the local community.

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to purchasing insurance. We’d like to give you a new choice – Wheelers Insurance. 

As independent agents, we have dozens of insurance companies to “shop around” with. That means we’re more likely to be able to find an affordable customized insurance plan to fit your need and budget.  We have as many options as the largest agencies in Maine.

But at the same, you reap the benefits of working with an employee-owned and operated agency: top-notch quality service, our drive to be the best in our field, and our commitment to the local community.

We’ll conduct a review of your current insurance plan and help you identify issues with your coverage. Then we’ll find you an insurance plan that provides the coverage you want at the best price.

To see if we might be able to help you, I’ll be in touch later to schedule a time to get together. But in the meanwhile, feel free to book an appointment with us by clicking here.