Get Life Insurance, for the people in your life.

Most people must have health insurance or car insurance.  Have you ever wondered why people buy life insurance? 

Most people say they hate life insurance, but the truth is that they hate to pay for life insurance.  Everyone loves the benefits of life insurance. 

Have you ever met a widow or orphan whose spouse or parent had too much life insurance?  NO, because you cannot have too much life insurance.  Don Blanton said “Life Insurance is the only product that will guarantee that what you want to happen will happen, even in the event that you are not here to see it happen.”

The only reason anyone buys life insurance is because they care about someone.  It is an unselfish gift.  Life insurance provides for the living so they can go on living. 

Here are some areas for you to consider protecting:  

Spouse, children, loss of income, debts, education, and family lifestyle.  These are just a few of the protections that life insurance can provide. 

Let me ask you:  

  • Have you reviewed your life insurance lately?  Term insurance rates are down, would you like to save money?
  • Have you reviewed your life insurance beneficiaries lately?  Situations in our lives change.  Don’t make a mistake that costs your family permanently.
  • If we could show you a way to get out of debt in 9 years or less, including your mortgage, credit cards, and student loans, would you have 30 minutes to hear more about it?  We can help!!
  • Do you have enough insurance to cover your final expenses, such as burial expenses? 
  • You cannot be turned down!  Like the ads on TV,we offer policies that cannot turn you down, no matter what your health is.

Don’t wait until it is too late because many people become uninsurable.