For Hailey Strong & Bold; Wheelers Going Gold

For a lot of people, September is the staple of fall. It’s the beginning of pumpkins, Starbucks lattes, and Halloween decorations. It’s apple picking with your family on an old Maine farm with the smell of fresh apple cider donuts being fried in the distance. September is playing in corn mazes and jumping off hay bales.

For others, September is awareness. Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness month is in September.

Wheelers Insurance especially goes gold for a very special little girl that our community will always keep close to our hearts.

In 2015, that same little girl named, Hailey, created a nonprofit that has since changed a lot of lives. While she was battling cancer herself, Hailey Hugs was created by an 8-year-old with the biggest heart. Even though Hailey was fighting her own fight, putting a smile on other kids faces put a smile on hers!

Hailey’s favorite fundraisers were drives of any sort. Pajama drives, hat drives, you name it – she loved to collect it all for other kids fighting cancer. A game she loved to play was “ding, dong, ditch” – in a more meaningful way! She would slide gift cards to other children under their hospital doors, knock, and run away. The pleasure this brought such a young girl is admirable. She was truly selfless. Her famous saying goes:

 “You can bring awareness, raise money, and you can have fun at the same time!”

Not long after, Hailey Hugs raised enough money to provide a fridge in every child’s room at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

Hailey’s legend lives on through her amazing mother, Tabaitha, who continues to advocate for children with cancer. Most people in the community know Tabaitha as, “Momma Bear.” Not only does she still raise awareness and fundraise, Tabaitha spends countless hours spending time with kids affected, physically being there for them as well. On top of that, Tabaitha has also passed two bills in the State of Maine. One bill, passed in 2019, makes the month of March Maine’s own Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The other bill, passed in 2020, includes a new check box on our state income taxes where you can donate directly to Maine Childrens Cancer Research Fund. There is no middle man, these donations go directly to Northern Lights Maine & Childrens Cancer Program. 

We will always be Team Hailey Hugs! 

To donate to this nonprofit organization or figure out how you can help find a cure, click the link here:

In September, every referral we get we give $25 to Team Hailey Hugs. Remember to refer your friends and family members to us for insurance! You will also be entered into a drawing to win $500. To learn more about our Referral Rewards program click here: