Business Auto Insurance

Whether you are self-employed and use your own car for business purposes or you own a company that utilizes a fleet of vehicles, commercial auto insurance is vital protection. Using your automobile for anything work-related requires you to have commercial auto insurance, and, if you use your car or truck to provide a service or transport goods, you’ll likely need a commercial auto plan.

Trucks, Taxis, and Limos

If you rely on a fleet of automobiles as part of your business operations, you’ll need a commercial auto policy that meets your unique needs. Collision insurance and coverage for damaged or lost cargo is vital to a trucking company. Similarly, bobtail liability covers the owner or operator of a truck that is not actively being used for trucking purposes. Taxis and limos present unique risks as well. They are susceptible to garage exposures, burglary, robbery and employee dishonesty.


Companies like Uber and Lyft have developed great ways to connect drivers to ride-seekers. As convenient as the service is, there are associated risks. If you are a rideshare driver in Maine, know that your personal auto policy will not cover you while you’re working. While Uber has a  contingent insurance policy covering bodily injury and property damage, experts have warned that this supplementary coverage is insufficient. You’ll need a commercial auto policy to protect you when your personal policy won’t.